Frequently asked questions

We have answered some FAQs below.

There are different ways to confirm your booking with rent easy:

With our online booking portal under "Book now", you can book 24/7 - so as and when you wish.

Generally we recommend booking a minimum of 2 weeks before your pick-up date, however, if you get directly into contact with your rent easy depot, they may be able to help you.

Yes, our colleagues will be happy to help you. Please try to make an appointment with them to ensure the desired vehicle group is there when you visit - depending on the season, our vehicle fleet is almost always "out on holiday".

For vehicles with a total permissible weight of less than 3,500 kg (City, Active, Family, Exclusive Classic), the minimum age is 21 years and the driver must have been in possession of the driving licence for at least one year. For vehicles of more than 3,500 kg (Exclusive Extra, First, Premium), the minimum age is 25 years and the driver must have been in possession of their driving licence for at least 3 years and passed their C1 Test.

Yes, you can have additional drivers registered free of charge at the station on the day of collection. Please keep in mind, that the hirer assumes liability for the additional drivers.

Yes, depending on the respective season, we have a minimum hire period of 7 to 14 days. A hire for a period shorter than the minimum rental period may possible with the hire station when there are appropriate spaces available during booking gaps.

Trips abroad within Europe are possible but require advance notice to the hire depot. Trips to Eastern Europe and countries outside Europe are subject to the prior approval of the hire depot. Trips to areas affected by war or crisis are strictly prohibited.

To ensure you have a relaxed start into your holiday, our handover takes place in the afternoon and takes about 1 hour to complete all the neccessary paperwork and introduce you to all of the vehicle's features. We recommend you use this day to familiarise yourself with the vehicle and its features to ensure your holiday remains without stress. On the following day, you can start your holiday travels. For your own safety, and that of your travel companions, we strongly advise you against driving long distances on the day of your collection especially when travelling with children as these motorhomes require your full attention to drive.

The handover of and the introduction to your vehicle takes place at your selected rent easy hire depot. We do not offer any collection service outside the depot.

Please ask your selected hire depot directly. You may be able to park at the hire depot itself during the hire period, failing this, our hire depot colleagues will be able to recommend a suitable place for you to park.

On the day of collection, you receive the motorhome in a cleaned condition inside and outside. Upon return, the interior of the motorhome must have been cleaned; cleaning of the outside is done by the rental station. In case the cleaning of the interior must be corrected completely or in part, the costs of cleaning will be taken from your damage deposit. For emptying the waste water tanks or the cassette toilet, there is a cleaning fee of £ 150.00. Please note, costs will be paid at hire depot.

Pets may only be carried along in agreement with the Station for a fee. Please be aware that, upon return, the vehicle must have the same degree of cleanliness as in a return without pet. Otherwise, travelling with pets may cause higher and additional cleaning costs. The person hiring the vehicle is responsible for the safe transport of the pets and, in line with regulations, must be up to date with their vaccinations.

Motorhomes also referred to as motorcaravans, are self-propelled units. They have an independent motorisation and a body or superstructure equipped for living. Trailers or caravans cannot independently drive and therefore need a tow car. Unfortunately, we do not hire out trailers.

Via our menu item "Locations", you will be able to view contact information, opening hours, collection and return hours of all of our hire depots. Under this menu item, you can also use our station finder to find the nearest station.

Renting a motorhome from a private person for a charge is a commercial activity and subject to appropriate registration. Renting from "private" in this sense is not possible. When renting a motorhome, make sure that the vehicle documents contain the explicit registration as a "self-drive rental vehicle". If you drive a vehicle without this explicit kind of registration, you will not have any insurance cover.

In the event of an accident, you are obliged to fully complete the damage report form provided in the vehicle. If fire, theft, damage caused by game or any other damage should have occurred, the police as well as the hire depot must be notified.  The hire depot must be informed in detail about the circumstances of the accident. Claims for damages of other parties involved in the accident must not be recognised.

Questions about the vehicle

Some general questions you might be wondering.

Depending on the type of vehicle group you have booked, the consumption will vary between 17mpg and 31mpg. We generally expect 27mpg to be average.

On the day of collection, you receive two 11 kg gas bottles: one full bottle and one partially full bottle. These gas bottles are included in the cost of hire and the bottles may be returned empty. You can buy gas bottles at many petrol stations, camping shops, DIY markets and at most camping sites. If you do replace an empty gas bottle, we ask you make sure, especially abroad, that you bring back gas bottles with the same connections as the ones you received upon collection.

Our vehicles are equipped with a fresh-water tank of 100 - 190 L and a waste-water tank of 90 - 150 L. Many petrol stations, camping sites and pitches offer you the possibility to refill your fresh water and dispose of your 'grey waste' waste water. In most cases this is free, or there may be a small fee depending on the site.

Yes, all rent easy vehicles are equipped with anti-lock braking system (ABS).

You can only use 230 V 3-Pin plugs when the vehicle is electrically hooked up to a 230 V supply, for example, at a camping site. Respective adapter cables as well as a hook-up lead are included in the price of your hire. Whilst driving, or without an external connection, the electronic system works on a 12V Leisure battery.

Financial matters and changes in the booking

Here you can find the answers to questions regarding payment and booking in the hire of rent easy motorhomes.

When your hire period overlaps different seasons, the hire days are calculated according to the respective season.

On the day of collection (at the latest), a security deposit of £ 1.200 must have been received by your selected rent easy hire depot. You can either transfer it in advance or provide it on the day of collection (card payment only). If the security deposit is provided by credit card, the person hiring the vehicle and the credit card owner must be identical. The hire depot is under the obligation not to hand the vehicle over before the security deposit has been received to the full amount.

Until 30 days before the originally agreed start of hire, you may, on one occasion, choose a vehicle from another vehicle group  (providing there is space available). If your cost of hire is reduced, your vehicle change will not be processed. Other changes in the booking are charged a handling fee of £ 15.

In the case of cancellation of a confirmed booking, the following cancellation fees will be charged:

  • until 61 days before the start of hire, 30% of the total hire price
  • between 60 and 31 days before the start of hire, 50% of the hire price
  • less than 30 days before the start of hire, 85% of the hire price
  • on the day of collection or in case of non-collection, 95% of the hire price